Why Choose Us?

More and more firms, today, realize the need of a separate online marketing program which requires a specific set of efforts, like offline marketing. Online marketing, too, requires dedicated resources and continuous monitoring; there are several companies who attribute their remarkable growth mainly due to their online marketing strategy.

We entered this dynamic field of online marketing in 2008. EMarketz India Pvt Ltd was started by a group of marketing professionals, well versed in offline and online marketing concepts. Our approach is research based, and we design customized online marketing programs for different types of requirements. We have advanced working knowledge of internet marketing tools. These include websites, portals, e-commerce, microsites, landing pads, applications, search engine optimization, pay per click, banners, direct email, viral marketing, social media marketing games, traffic driving, classifieds, affiliate marketing etc. A website should be designed in an attractive and simple manner and should allow easy navigation. Search Engine Optimization (SEO Strategy) should be such that web page can be traced easily using   search engines. Viral marketing, emails, online games, banners and campaigns, and affiliate marketing are the promotion tools. We have a well-diversified pool of experts and in-depth web based technological know-how since internet technologies and applications is a dynamic and ever changing field, our experts are provided with periodic training. The online marketing programs we devise for our customers are periodically reviewed and changed to be in tandem with the dynamics of the online world. When working out an online marketing program, we take into consideration each and every aspect and work out the plan in detail. Measurability is an advantage of online promotion and we incorporate necessary metrics into the plan. With the help of these metrics, our customers can obtain important data pertaining to traffic, conversion rate, ROI etc. that serve as inputs to further business decision making. To know more about us, you may visit us at www.emarketz.co.uk

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