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In order to build a strong brand presence, you need a team of experts who can manage your online presence professionally. Gone are the days when the physical presence of a brand was enough. Statistical data show that you get more than 45 percent of revenue through online sales itself. Bringing people to your website and letting them know about your brand can only be made possible with a strong online presence. This process is continuous and ever evolving. Just like any industry, new trends and resources become part of it and hence, you need new ways to target your prospective clients. Emarketz India Pvt Ltd offers such services in the most effective and efficient manner. Search engine optimization or SEO is the core area of their function. Established in 2008, they have tracked the transformation in this field. The team consist of experienced graphic designers, content creators and analysts who make sure that client delivery is perfect and flawless.

Researching for a client and looking for the company’s actual need is the first stage, followed by advanced stages of the project. With the increase in competition, you have to stay a step ahead of your competitor. It requires a special set of efforts like online marketing which is only possible with a proper marketing strategy. Other areas in which Emarketz excel are- websites, portals, e-commerce, pay per click, landing pads, traffic driving and classifieds. Simple SEO theory says that your page result should be the first when keywords are supplied.

Not restricting themselves to a few areas, Emarketz have successfully proved their mettle in the areas of Express SEO service which renders quick results, link building services which attracts traffic to the site, video marketing services, website optimization and social media marketing.

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