Website Redesigning

A website is a company’s most important promotion tool. The world of online promotion is dynamic, and websites, which get updated with the ever changing and improved features, are more appealing to internet users. Website redesigning may be sought to:

  • Make the websites more attuned to smart phone devices.
  • Increase traffic or conversion rates.
  • Change the look or structure of the website.
  • Expand the website or make it more compact.
  • Re-look into the costs of website maintenance.
  • Make the website more user friendly.
  • Improve Search Engine Optimization.
  • Encourage more engagement.
  • Incorporate social media enabling better social connectivity.
  • Add more tools and features such as blogs, e-commerce or forums.
  • Reposition the company, change the logo or symbols.

EMarketz offers unmatched services for firms and other entities which seek to redesign their websites. We have proven web-based technological expertise to match every type of web redesigning requirements, for example, a complex website with multiple pages and links needs database support and application development platforms, namely, PHP, JAVA, Ruby on Rails, Cold Fusion, ASP.NET.  Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is required for e-commerce facilitation. We also re-look into the type of hosting and server resources which determine the costs associated with the website maintenance. Web hosting can be shared, semi-dedicated, dedicated or virtual. After making a detailed study of our customers’ requirement, we suggest a switch to the right kind of hosting and resources.

Usually website redesign calls, for people with different skills to unite and work on a single project and create unified whole comprising diverse aspects, at EMarketz, a team of cross functional experts assist customers in their website redesigning requirements, customers are given tailored suggestions suited to their budgets, we make the website design as adaptable and flexible as possible so that it can be modified timely. To avail of our services, you may visit us at

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