Social Media Marketing

Word of mouth marketing has been a powerful marketing tool for traditional marketers; a company’s offer gets more recognition when other people and users recognize its benefits and talk about it. Social media marketing is essentially marketing effort of increasing a firm’s website traffic through content placed on social media websites. Social media websites provide users with the platform and environment to interact with each other on various issues, people can post, or tweet their views regarding various topics including a company’s products and services, these messages can be viewed by the entire social community network of a user and hence, in this way, the message is resonated by reiteration. More than 200 social media websites are known to exist, targeting specific user profiles, the most popular ones being facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and Youtube. Now, mobiles and smart phone devices are also connected to social media and people can web interact on the go. Marketers can use social media to reach out to individual customers and niche markets and develop a group of loyal followers, who are potential customers.

Though it is not possible to get exact quantitative figures on social media effectiveness, there are tools which can help marketers in getting a fair enough idea regarding their product’s popularity vis-a-vis the competitors, impact of campaigns and new interventions, opportunities and threats and other such inputs for making business decisions. For monitoring, social media data is gathered from various social websites and analyzed, the technologies commonly used are crawlers, semantic analysis and natural language processing

Social Media Marketing calls for developing content befitting the social media, choice of media, employing the correct people and technologies, response and follow-up and monitoring on a continuous basis. We, at Emarketz, provide customized social marketing programs to our clients; we take pride in our long and increasing list of happy customers and invite more marketers to avail our offer, they may contact us at

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