How To Avoid Negative Search Engine Optimisation On Your Website

It is important for any online marketer to understand the significance of better overall Google SERP rankings. A term that is frequently used by the industry is “negative SEO.” However, if you do it even accidentally for your website, you would be in deep trouble. Here is how you can avoid doing negative search engine optimisation.

Eliminate bad links
Ask the person who puts spam links on your website to remove them by emailing the webmaster of the site that is responsible for them. Google has a tool that disavows links with which you can remove the spam links in case the webmaster of the site that spammed your website is not removing them. You can even get a list of websites that spam sites regularly by using the tool and prevent spamming that would otherwise result in negative SEO for your website.

Use Copyscape
If there is content duplication on any other website, it can result in negative search engine optimisation for your website. Copyscape will allow you to detect any duplicate content that has been published by some other website. If you ask it to update you, it will do the needful for you by sending you a list of links that have copied your content. You can always ask that website to remove the content or take action against it if it refuses to remove the duplicate content.

Procure webmaster tools
You should consider signing up for Google’s webmaster tools and procure them for your website. Enable the notifications for your website so that the webmaster tools will tell you whether the server has gone down, pages are not indexed or whether there is some other problem with your website that might result in negative SEO. In fact, you would need to be extremely careful so that your SERP does not go down due to negative SEO by the other websites on your website.

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