Guaranteed SEO

Search engines are growing smarter by the day; so are we. We make it a point to keep a track of the changing algorithms of the search engine sites, and alter our SEO strategies accordingly. This policy enables us to offer Guaranteed SEO services to our clients, who are satisfied with the results that we yield. We have a money back policy for this service, which states that the client will get a refund if the results are not achieved within the stipulated date.

There are clear cut packages, from which a client can choose one according to his needs and budget. These value added packages ensure that every website owner can find the exact bundle of services that suits his pocket. The packages are as follows:

  • Bronze – A basic plan, using up to 10 keywords. This service is suitable for niche companies, where the keywords are unique and limited. The competition is also limited and can be tracked. A thorough assessment of the site is done and business objectives are set. Target audience is reached through activities like link building, Google analytics, creation of Google local business account and writing fresh content for the website. The package is for duration of 10 months.
  • Silver – this package also extends over a period of 10 months, during which the SEO managers analyse and upgrade the website. However, 15 keywords are targeted in this package. The content is also audited and revised. New landing pages are suggested and created by expert graphic designers. Interlinking of the content is also done and social media accounts are set up for promoting the website.
  • Gold – This one runs for an entire year and covers up to 20 keywords, out of which 7 keywords are considered high value. Additional services like audience research and viral content placement make it a value added package. Blogging is also done, and a new blog is set up, with help from creative designers. Clients also get a monthly report for all social media activities.
  • Privilege – A highly customised and all-inclusive package, this one extends for 18 months. As many as 30 keywords are targeted, of which 10 are guaranteed to get top five ranking on Google. Additional services for this package include Page loading speed optimisation, premium video creation and distribution, reputation management and social media reporting. Multilingual search update is facilitated.

Regular updates for all the activities are provided as monthly ranking reports are prepared. Dedicated accounts managers are also assigned for all packages.

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